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Exactly A Month
Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Its been a whole good month since i last updated. Well for those who has been followin this blog, i apologise for my absence. I've been pretty busy here, doin as many things i'd always wanted to before i head back to sch.

Classes officially start on the 16th and on the 10th i'll need to head back to college to register for the subjects i'll be taking for this sem. I do hope i get the timetable soon so i can start plannin out my schedule for some part time jobs if possible. I've applied for an internship with a flooring company but too bad they didnt get back to me. Am definitely gonna apply for more internships. Perhaps im picky and only choose those that are appealing rather than choosin one to just past time. I'd rather be workin in a company where i have the interest to learn wht they are dealing with and so on rather than jst the sake of fillin up my time.

Unquestionably i feel so much within this one month. I dont know exactly wht happened or wht caused it, i sure did experienced some inexplicable sheer joy! i grew to love the company of ppl i'm surrounded with, especially my new connection with this particular family. Never in my life i feel so at home and so at ease and also so much aspirations and inspirations at the same time. I love you guys!

Apart from all that goin out and doin the things i've been wanted to do since 2008, CNY definitely been treatin me real good. I was the in-house chef for this year's reunion dinner and since i often have my dinner early, dinner was at 7. I know wht you're thinking over there, it isnt that early. True enough but i was busy preparing the ingredients since 2 or perhaps even earlier. I'm also determined to prepare for the next reunion. Yea yea , i know its another year to go but i'm definitely gonna make it as grand as this year. I prepared 6 dishes instead of the typical steamboat dinner. Mayb its a good thing my household dont own a steamboat pot :) .

Besides being fruitful this whole month, i've been indulgin more in food and baking. I've been meanin to learn baking and pastry. The last i checked, the baking and pastry class is bout 10 weeks long but as of now there are still no classes avail, the whole course is still under restructuring. I do hope i can find the time to go for that. Of course i gotta think bout the fees involved as i'll need to pay for it. All the cooking and baking has led me to resume with my food blog :
http://www.passione4food.blogspot.com which makes me really really happy! All the cookin got me thinkin again why didnt i study Culinary Arts instead? It might sound like im comfortin myself here but im sure its a blessing in disguise.

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A sober New Year
Saturday, January 3, 2009

2009 started off pretty good for me. This year's new year was definitely somethin new for me. All these while, i do the count down out; either on the beach or at some club or drinking away but this year , i decided to celebrate it with my family. Although we didnt do much but it was pretty fun. I was telling myself a few days before that i wanna be sober when its 2009 and in fact i was. Though i was out driving and drinkin, yes, drink n drive n i know its dangerous but it was pretty fun. There were 3 of us wth a few bottles of beer so it was good, just a lil in the bloodstream to pump up that adrenaline. Anyway, i got invited to club with some of my friends but i decided i should jst head back home early. When i was home, i actually wanted to drink more but i told myself, the amount i had earlier is enough.

Anyway while i was driving around, i saw a police road block. I suppose their are either tryin to issue summons for those who drink and drive and partial drunk or those who did not have their seat belts on, especially the rear seat belts - its the new rule that the govt has laid down, where all the passengers in the car will need to have their seat belts on and for those who failed to abide to the rule will be fined RM300 with a grave period of 6 months and after that its RM2000!

I've this inconsiderate neighbour, about 3 doors to my left was blasting some loud music till 2ish! and i supposed someone in the neighbourhood called the police and complained n those police patrol cars actually came to warn them to tone down their volume for it was already so late. Despite all the drama outside, i was nicely enjoying Claymore (anime) in the comfort of my home.

Also i've some this so-called "friend" calling me up to wish me happy new year, i suppose he wants to turn over a new leaf and to try to establish a new friendship in a new year? Well, anyway, i hold no grudges against him so i suppose the past can now be buried. Not exactly a surprise but i didnt expect to receive a sms from my ex ,wishin me happy new year.

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Crazy Xmas
Friday, December 26, 2008

Well this year, Xmas over here was crazy! First off, the traffic jam was unbelievable! Alot of non-local number plates around adding to the massive jam. The number of people seem to have increased a few folds! Its like all of a sudden this small lil island was flooded with a lot of non-locals, school children, rappers, hi-hopers, models and a bunch of others wannabe! Its so obvious those girls dressed up to be seen but come on, why do you even parade on the pavement along the main road? The entire street has turned into a bad cat-walk stage with some bad fashion sense. Some even dressed up like they are acting in some Korean drama while others might jst think its really "cold" to drap a scarve around them!

The amount of ppl gathered on the so-called "hot-spots" were like army of ants loitering around in some "fancy" clothing with cans of fake snow spray in their hands ready to make a chaos outta it. Not only those people are inconsiderate - spraying fake snow/foam on their friends/people , some of them even went up to some random car and start jumpin and destroyin the roof of the car; this was even published in the national paper. They are like so outta control! Get a grip man! This is not the way to "celebrate"!

As i was drivin back home, i saw this empty land my left with the signage - Private Carpark and guess wht? They are chargin RM20 for it! That's freakin expensive and doesnt make sense at all! What's unbelievable was that there were a few cars parked in that plot of land! Why would one even wanna pay for RM20 just for a parking space? Well's its not a properly tarred road instead it was on some sandy, unorganised plot of land with lotsa pebbles that might get ur car scratched if u were to rev of that surface!

I didnt do anythin fancy that night, had beers and ice cream and it was a really good night with good conversations..

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Kitchen Madness
Monday, December 22, 2008

Yesterday was crazy! Spent pretty much my whole day in the kitchen. First the whole family went to the market, and with that i meant my mom, my 90ish granny, my bro n myself. I kinda hate to do marketing wth my granny along, not that she's slow when she walks but wht irritates me is the way she bargains for a better price from the sellers. she has this tendecy to bargain up to a point she'll jst walk off without buyin. I know that one should try to get the best bargain ever but then she dont haveta do all that to most of the stalls there right? and not only that i think its due to her age and sometimes she tends to repeat the same questions to the seller, which i find it irritating..me n my pet peeves! its gettin outta control here! help!! well since i know how she's (granny) like when she's in the market, me and my n bro stayed in the car and waited for both my mom n granny while they shop away.

After the morning market, I made a new batch of pumpkin cake (vegetarian based) and a big bowl of more spicy sambal. Too bad pumpkin cake now's all gone! Since ive so much of the sambal left, i used a lil for my gyoza fillin. I'm actually done foldin those gyozas but am gonna leave it in the fridge a lil while before i pan fried it.

Also i experimented on lotus root ( i call it my wheel of fortune). all this while ive only used it for soup but nothin else. i remembered when i was at this vegetarian restaurant i saw stir-fry lotus root as one of the dishes so i thought why not i tried it out. So i did but it didnt turn out to be how i'd imagine it to taste like. perhaps i should go get a bottle of black bean & garlic paste, that will do the tricks.

Then it was pretty late bout 10ish n we were feelin a lil hungry , so i pan fried the pork loin sukiyaki i've marinated and used it as a fillin together wth cucumber slices and cheese on toast. i made 4 sets altogether - dad , mom , bro & myself. At the end of the day i was feelin really happy..i guess being in the kitchen for almost the whole day isnt as bad.. but of course one will risk of smellin like food or oil or whtsoever smell your clothin absorbed ..its still gratifying

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cutest keychain ever! Thanks Denise!


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Nyonya Style Pumpkin Cake
Friday, December 19, 2008

I was cravin badly for this nyonya style pumpkin cake yesterday n i thought oh well i might as well try to make the one i had in Melaka and see if i could get it to taste the same. Here's how the nyonya style pumpkin cake (one i had in Melaka) look like ( the one on the right) and it can be eaten just as it is or wth the sambal (grinded dried chili + onions+garlic+tamarind puree..etc)



And here's my very own version of it.


My dad even ate it outta the fridge! So now i got the idea of servin it as a cold dessert as well! Yay!

On the other hand, i gotta make a new batch of pumpkin cake cuz dad took the last of it to his office.. its good cuz i get to finish up the other half of the pumpkin and of course make more sambal, this time around im gonna make it a lil more spicy

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